Cancellation and No Show Policy


We want to thank you for your loyalty and continued patronage of CRS. We understand everyone’s time is very precious and life is busy.  We value your time as well as the time of our CRS team members.  We have an extensive three-tiered reminder and appointment confirmation procedure to ensure you are able to attend your appointment. Due to our continued salon growth we have acquired a long waiting list which is requiring CRS to implement a new Cancellation and No Show Policy. 


Less than 24 hour Cancellation or Rescheduling Notice:

                We understand that life happens, and we can’t control what happens no matter how much we plan.   Giving CRS more than a 24 hour notice will give us ample opportunity schedule a new appointment.  Anything less than 24 hours makes this very difficult. 

If you call to cancel or reschedule your appointment with 24 hours or less of a notice, you will be charged an hourly rate based on the stylist you were scheduled to see and the amount of time your service required.  

*For example, if you were scheduled for a haircut with Juliana, her last-minute cancellation rate is $30 per hour.  Her haircuts typically schedule for 45 minutes so that would be a fee of $22.50 to cancel or reschedule this appointment last minute.  This fee must be paid before you can reschedule your appointment.


No Show Notice:

                If you do not show for your appointment without notice you will have to pay in advance to reschedule any future appointments and charged a penalty rate based on the stylist and time of the services, you have missed. 


*For example, you did not show for your color retouch and haircut with Juliana.  Juliana’s color retouch and haircuts are $109 and schedule for 2 hours and 15min.  Your penalty fee will be $67.50 ($30/hour) plus $109 for the missed services which is a total of $176.50 to be paid in full before any future appointments can be scheduled.  If you do not show for your appointment a second time without any notice you forfeit your prepayment for services and will have to pay in full for the services again before scheduling any future appointments.


CRS values your time, the time of all its client and most importantly our staff’s time. 

Time is precious so please, please give us more than a 24hour notice to reschedule or cancel your appointments.

 We want to accommodate the best we can. 

(Effective 7/15/2019)