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Who We Are

Our team is dedicated to providing each guest with incredible, outstanding, and unbelievable service. We believe it is a privilege to have you in our salon and we would like to invite you to: Come, Relax, and Be Served.


Our stylists focus on perfecting their skills through ongoing education to be the best in this ever changing industry. Classic, contemporary, or cutting edge, we will design the perfect look for you and your lifestyle.


We also work hand-in-hand with Aveda.  They keep us running top notch and help us to improve in every aspect of the beauty industry that we love.

At Clark Richard Salon, we are growing. We have The Academy, which is where Juliana our manager is training and teaching hands on to our newest team members. Meaning that those in the program will have all their services checked over and evaluated. We believe that continuing education and growing is necessary. Beauty schools do not teach you all you need to know to be successful in this industry. That is why we established the Clark Richard Salon Academy.

Meet The Team

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