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Hair Color

*Prices below include a wash, blowdry and style. Haircut is at an additional price. 


All Over Color  $85 & up

Balayage   $135 & up

Balayage & Color  $157 & up

Full Foil   $129 & up

Full Foil & Color  $157 & up

Partial Foil   $97 & up

Partial Foil & Color  $115 & up

Pintura Highlights  $148 & up

Pintura Highlights & Color  $170 & up

Retouch Color   $68 & up

Top Head Foil   $69 & up

Top Head Foil & Color  $97 & up

*PLEASE NOTE: those with our starting prices are in the Clark Richard Salon Academy, they are in training and their services will be checked over. We believe that continuing education and growing is necessary in this industry. Beauty school does not teach you all you need to know, which is why we have The Academy. (questions, please ask)


*Extra color may be used, starting at $22 & up

*Prices are subject to change. prices are based upon experience and education. 

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